1. links

links – exchange currents? (with numbers, coins, token, and cash in mind)

Links for mutual credit networks (without a particular order)

credit commons


open coop


community exchange



mutual credit clubs idea?

yes. should write a few lines about each.

* had a general look to get a feel. seems, apart from simbi, that there are a fair few limitations of scope – both in terms of location[], and “services”. exchanges offered seem to come as functional in the way that
i will do X, and X will inflict Y on you. A Y you might want, like bread, a poem, a fixed car, etc.
Did not notice something like, invest in me. Why? No cause, I will be alive for a while, and will do stuff to share!

[there are a few moves, specifically in the code, that attempt to make it easy for local networks to inter-operate, or exchange values between one another.
Also, there was some kind of financing that involved crypto – DAI – which perhaps hints at a future of CreditNets, Cryptos, and Fiat financing activities options??]

* simbi seems to have a working site, however, it feels like many of the humans exchanging in the site, are not There since 2017/18.. some since 21..