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how a heed gazed look attends a calling friction ??

The other comes through you?
The other comes perhaps as a monster?
The other comes as your calling’s flection?
The other comes as an approximating organism. Measuring that which you already approve – tacitly or otherwise.
The other comes as no other than your own approximation firing a silent harpoon at the other’s Otherness so that you can say things like:
That one is strangely weird.
This one is a dog.
That one is green.
This one is a man.
This one is an individual one.
(That’s a curious individuation, ofcourse – never independent from Your judgement.)
There goes a green dogman in a weird way.
Goes, Green, Dogman, Weird, one and Way – all come through approximations Since i bet, if we asked the so called weirdly moving greeny mandog –
they might say all manner of stuff about themselves. None of which might come dressed by or addressed to that weirdly green mandog approximation.

The other comes as someKindAthing.
The other comes as an unobjectionable object to be subjected to an impelling approximation.
The other comes to become recomposed by an approximating – a measuring – a hunter’s heart beat.
The other comes to become IDentified – to become an object organised on the spectra of your mind.
The other comes as a missed opportunity through approximationismity.
The other comes to a never go.
The other comes as an exit to your measurements – unless approximated otherwise.
The other comes to die in a space for and from repeating approximations.
(aka techno-approximationism)
The other has a question from control. They need to heed your power since control can not come without a lack of a participating other?
The other comes helpless – whoever can amass more power to over-power the others’ will get to compel the weird dogman green that has nothing to do with dogs, man, green and the weirdos – their own preferred approximated ID.

The other comes monstrously compelled and impelled by their own helplessness?
The other comes without the agency to go?
The other comes as your capture?
The other has no other but your ignorance?
The other comes to an end through a heeding by another powerful gazing looks?
The other comes?
The Other Comes where you may expect a Be, where you expect, where an ism has a range of WTF, where there’s no time for a When but only a place-space taken by Where?

Which Other kinda culture fails to venerate that which powerfully compels its members, and other

The other comes to recommend you a read/sound/beat/sequence by saying:
< This read/sound/beat/sequence? It'll bore the shit out of you. It'll come and neither offer nor give you anything to grab, nor does this read/sound/beat/sequence tries to capture you. This read/sound/beat/sequence comes as... >
and you go: WTF???!!!
..and you come to a look at a gaze?


The links heed from calls to attending various looks from Sartre’s gaze:

www.jstor.org/stable/3810019 (a look into the gaze onto the category of Woman)

academic.oup.com/columbia-scholarship-online/book/23458/chapter-abstract/184535979?redirectedFrom=fulltext (gaze and categorisaion – aka judgement)

journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/01914537211017582 (euro white – possibly male – gaze orientation?)

etheses.whiterose.ac.uk/2527/1/DX180654.pdf (a critical perspective of privileging Vision as a european kinda Thing and male at that?)


Thinking Through Sin: Genesis 3, Sartre, and the power of the gaze