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exo ex with a beat??

it seems curious how, in terms of money, we get an active illustration of what marshal macluhan was on when they commented that humans tend to move forwards while looking at the rear-view mirror.
humans had this Thing about forward and backward looking for fairly some time, the myths of epimetheus and promotheus come from the same spectrum as macluhans’ observation.

in terms of money, we get stuff like the “pound” invoking a memory of when metals were exchanged based on weight values. the dollar has a name to do with relation to silver – where it was mined. bitcoin attempts to evoke these round metal bits we termed Coins – yet, like the pound bares no needy relation to weights, and the dollar’s silver has gone and long forgotten, the coin in bitcoin comes to inform humans that the technology has something to do with what they – humans – call money.

all this seems pretty semantic indeed.. for example, the Euro has nothing to do with anything other than the monetary system it operates as a currency of.
would the Euro worked any different if it was called the WTFcoin?
probably not.
hence the whole note has a bit of danger to be strictly about semantics.

how will it come if we began considering our exchanges and the structures that facilitate them in slightly different ways?

how will it come if we considered that which comes out – the exo – off from whatever activity, like the intervals in a certain beat, as the stuff being exchanged??

how to convert beatExos with noeExos?

i wonder if this can be linked with notes.ahaelse.com/formations-and-ways-and/ – and not just because it was the note written prior to this one..