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between diversities, universals, differences – neurostyle ??

Trying to reflect, perhaps just have an initial friction with thoughts to do with “Neurodiversity”.
ie, the ways Neurodiversity gets used.

Would anyone treat me as a fellow human even if our differences do not have any biological, cultural, neurological, social or any other theoretical grounding behind?
Perhaps a nice sounding sentiment, yet, in general, it does seem humans tend to place others (humans or otherwise) – in some kind of boxes..

I think we get a multiple difficulties when talking about Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
when using Autistic comes via a history of medical pros perceiving conditions of Withdrawal. Moving into one’s own self and away from the social, or what comes expected as a socially accepted behaviour.
when using Spectrum, we get into a possibly shifting ground. ie, we get to define a range of conditions that do not always have overall agreed upon definitions themselves.
when using Disorder, apart from suggesting negativities and that there is some kind of an order – perhaps we also miss the very notion of Other-Than, which can easily hide within the so called Order.

* Historically, the Neuro bit of neurodiversity comes to project a sort of scientific sounding effect.
Slightly strange since that very intention, the aura of scientific quality to the term had the intent of catching attention. An attention by appealing to an apparent non-diverse, a universal.

* I feel, perhaps wrongly, that questions from differences might offer another Kind of aspect of how we constantly compose the ways we reflect. (trying hard to avoid using a line such as – “….another Kind of neuron compositioning”. )


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