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artificiology – really ??

asked chatgpt who did some work around artificiology.
they decided that artificiology stems from Artificial + Sociology.
hence moved on to offer some people who check AI from a human sociological perspective.
people with some critical reflections about AI.

a few links?



Making AI Safe in an Unpredictable World: An Interview with Thomas G. Dietterich

going back to
Artificiology –
i was thinking of the studies of Artificialities – intelligent or otherwise – as an artificiology.
I want to use that as possibly getting frictions with other Xlogies. Practices that come concerned with capture by frames. (Photologies?)
Perhaps frame/enframe moves wrongly here.

The feeling of artificiology comes as a general twist to consider Xlogies as the making of artificialities. eg
from nature to
from the living – bios – to
from the social to
and ofcourse the question of whether art’s escape from the term Kunstology, can come as simply not recognising arts that became focused on knowledge production. Art that comes, in fact, as part of artificiology?
We can think of this differently, from the greek art<-->techne connection.
What could come as a study and practice of artificialities which fails or escapes moving as techne??